Fransk-Marrockanska Bryssel-baserade konstnären Mehdi-George Lahlou, med kristen mor och muslimsk far, förstår tidigt vrdet av relativism.
Temat för denna installation och performance är gränsöverskridande mellan kultur, religion och kön.

Konstären arbetar inte bara med performance och installations-konstens historia utan inkorporerar även referenser till Belgisk surrealism. I Lahlous konst finner vi humor, poesi, mod, hängivenhet och personligt ristagande med social relevans.

Artist's Statement:
"My work is, for a great part, autobiographical. I am one of the major subjects of my own work, I'm at the crossroads of two cultures, an western one coming from my Spanish mother and a Muslim one from my father, living in Morocco. My work also aims at finding impossible connections between the two, trying to position myself, to acquire certain knowledge, to create new nostalgias - if that's possible. So clearly, I'm using symbols that are dear to me, which were given to me, sometimes slightly imposed on me, but I was never forced to do anything. You cannot force someone in Islam, although you might want to sometimes. The Muslim aesthetic is something which really strikes me, which I chose and I try to mix with the Western one. This is how you really get to see how the West and the East co-exist."