Orena tankar
Impure thoughts is a black comedy about freedom of thought and a more enjoyable life. In her latest work, Dorte Olesen takes the audience on a journey into the subconscious and examines what’s in the minds of adults. Five dancers take a closer look at forbidden thoughts. Tooth and nail they defend the right to think freely and feel strongly about things.

Woodcutting women at Sergelstorg, swinging dildos, real-life king poodles and most recently singing ninth graders. Olesen is a choreographer who has made a name for herself from a series of eye-catching performances, in which she questions standards and highlights taboos with a superb sense of humor in all seriousness. Last season, her work Made in Sweden, a piece about the emotions we rarely let show, was a big hit at Dansens Hus. Olesen sees Impure thoughts as a free standing sequel. This time it’s about the inner life of adults and what happens when we lift the lid.

Price SEK 220
Duration 60 min (no intermission)

For more information: Sajt/tjänst