Do you want to go to prom with us?

In early August, Stockholm Berserkers are bringing what's already an established tradition in the US to Årstafältet; Prom Dress Rugby.

The rules are simple - we host two games of rugby, where all contestants are dressed in prom attire of their choice (ball gown, 3-piece suit, you name it). Two 30 minute games will be played, one for men and one for women. The 15 minute halves will alternate; the teams who start playing will come off and socialize in during their break, while the other teams are playing their first half, and vice versa. So this is a golden opportunity for you to hang out with your favorite player(s) and get to know the team.

We're not only doing this because it's hilarious to see grown ups run around in dresses and get dirty - although we gotta admit that's kind of great. In 2018, we are bringing two teams down to Bingham Cup in Amsterdam, the world championships of gay and inclusive rugby. Our men's team have participated in Bingham Cup three times; in Manchester 2012, Sydney 2014 and Nashville 2016. The theme for the Cup this year is about making an impact, and our club goal is to make room for a women's tournament too, in what has previously been a tournament played by men. The ladies team are currently reaching out to other International Gay Rugby (IGR) teams worldwide to raise awareness of this opportunity, in an attempt to get others to sign up. Needless to say, we have a lot of work left, but we are so excited to share our Berserker spirit with the rest of our community.

But in order to get there, we need a little help and support along the way. By hosting this prom dress game, we're hoping that you'll get a taste for what an inclusive and understanding club culture can do and how important it is to continue making an impact, not only in sports, but across the world. We're hoping that you think this is a cause worth supporting, and who knows - maybe it'll even make you want to play rugby yourself. Either way, we would love for you to come watch a fun game of rugby and socialize with us.

Where: Årstafältet, 4th of August.
Time: 18:00
What's in it for you: You'll get to watch your friend, son/daughter or partner get down and dirty in a prom dress.
What do we offer: Apart from a great laugh and an afternoon in real Berserker-spirit, we sell food, drinks, supporter packages and club wear. The money earned will give the club an opportunity to travel down to Amsterdam and smash it in Bingham Cup 2018."