In continuation of the groundbreaking Expose Dance Festival and Vogue Ball that opened the door to Ballroom culture in Gothenburg, we bring to you for the first time in West Pride Festival history...

The Revolution Ball: Fashion not Fascist
presented by Alyssa and Edwin

Vogue is an artform that was developed in the 1960s from the black and latinx community of New York City and takes its inspiration from the magazine Vogue. The dance is characterized by model like avant-garde poses and fashion models on the runway. The ever-growing style can be seen in iconic movies like Paris is Burning and the recent documentary KIKI.

We will feature an international lineup of judges and icons from the Ballroom scene and LGBTQ+ community of LA and NYC as well as participants who represent Swedens growing ballroom culture. A full-packed evening of music, dance and fashion in the spirit the underground ballroom culture combined with an element of social awareness. Glamour and politics join forces for a revolutionary night of expression from oppression. Our physical movements coinciding with the current social movements of our time.
The ball will feature categories inspired by revolutionary moments in history, politics and art.

We hope that you can come and join us on what will be Legendary evening that will go down in history ...

Old Way Vogue - The Icons

This style of vogue evolved out of the wake of Stonewall and the LGBTQ+ movement of the the 60´s and 70´s. In honor of the icons of Old Way Vogue aka Pop, Dip and Spin we want you to salute an icon of your choice , channel their style and perform in their name as a homage to their groundbreaking contribution to the art of Vogue. Remember reinterpret, NOT COPY.

New Way Vogue - Expressional Fluidity

In the wake of increasing gender-neutral expressions, we salute those who break the cisnormative stereotypes of what is considered masculine and feminine. Give us your interpretation of New Way 's fluidity , lines, precision , and stretch with an androgynous presentation.

Vogue Femme - Girlpower!! Pussy Grabs Back

In honor of the Womens Movement Marches that took place all over the globe in january this year, bring your style of vogue femme to the floor and slay with a touch of pink in solidarity.

Runway - Activism Glam

Storm the runway and protest for a cause that matters to you. Don’t forget your sign and a megaphone. Say it loud and walk proud.

Face - Diva Vinci

From Van Gogh to Frida Kahlo, using their swords and shields, the paint brush and canvas, these artists have transformed the face of art coinciding and reflecting the ever changing social climate of the times. Picasso that eye or draw a Dali. Pick an influential artist and bring their art to life through your face.

Best Dressed - In memory of...

Dress in your finest attire and do your research. Along with looking flawless on the runway we want you to wear a name tag in tribute to a LGBTQ+ person who has been the victim of violence or abuse. It is about time their long-lost voices are heard, since the media silences them. On site there will be a place to donate towards Black Coffee LGBTQ Organisation.

Best in Drag - Game Changers

Pick a game-changer of historical relevance who has had positive impact on the world and channel them in your best drag. No cultural appropriation allowed !

Whacking - Punk Rock

The word punk in American English was a derogatory word for gay, however it was reclaimed and turned into the artform of punking. In British English punk was the word for an unruly worthless juvenile that later became known as an artistic movement against the British monarchy and establishment. Fuse together the American expression of punk ing with the British essence and attitude of punk rock.

About Punking and Whacking

Punking later on referred to as "Whacking" is a street dance from the underground gay community of Los Angeles that was developed in the early 1970s . The dance borrows inspiration from various sources such as silent films, movies, film stars and starlets (a la Greta Garbo, Fred Astaire, etc.) Musicals, Hollywood, Drama, Cartoons, the photography book the Four Fabulous Faces, and their own personal life. The dance is characterized by acting/behavior, sharp striking movements and posing, extreme usage of space, athleticism, intricate musicality, and complete dominance of the music.

Categories are open for all, registrations open April 1st.

Judges: Viktor Manoel (USA/Mexico)
Aviance 007 (USA)
Hosted by: Marvil Magnifique

Donation: 150kr to go to Black Coffee Organization

Fri Entre for those with a West Pride Wristband and all partcipants walking the ball