Legendary club Mums Mums joins forces with acclaimed music project Rainbow Riots for this year's most unique Pride extravaganza with queer artists from around the world:

*Petter Wallenberg's music project Rainbow Riots features queer artists from the world's most dangerous countries for LGBTQ people - Uganda, Jamaica, Malawi & South Africa! It has been part of a campaign for the United Nations, celebrated by Dazed, Fredrik Strage and Kulturnyheterna!

Now it's time for the world's first live performance with all guest artists live on the same stage for the first time! It will be the first time ever Ugandan LGBTQ artists perform internationally!

* Jwl B from the legendary American queer rappers Yo Majesty teams up with House of Wallenberg and performs LIVE!

All the best from the legendary club Mums Mums - featuring international drag queen superstars - Carnita Molida och Nomai!

Per Qx (Berlin)
Petter Wallenberg (House of Wallenberg, Mums Mums)
Lucky Slut Bonita (Mums Mums)

*Jwl B of Yo Majesty (USA) + House of Wallenberg (Sweden)
*Rainbow Riots Uganda (Uganda)
*Umlilo + Stash Crew (South Africa)
*Mista Majah P (Jamaica)
*Ivy B (Malawi)

All proceeds are going towards fighting inequalities for LGBTQ people worldwide.

Rainbow Riots is supported by SI, Musikverket, Stockholm Stad och Kulturförvaltningen.