La Nature IRL
I always wanted to be a documentary film maker, are you like serious. On my school notebook, on my desk and the trees on the sand and the snow I write your name. On all the flesh that says yes on the forehead of my friends on every hand held out I write your name. Liberty. Easy Rider, both versions, we are really many here – China. We do stretching into the future, for no particular reason. A dance is a smokescreen for having a conflict. Love scene is nothing more than that and nobody really wanted to know what it was because when we know it’s like time is speeding up and there is nothing there for me anymore. I mean not what’s in it for me, I mean the other way around but still there.

Only the trees can give us that time, and does it without asking for permission. We on the other hand, we want to guide and be guided but since we do we do a dance instead of the love scene. It’s nobody’s fault so everybody can be blamed.

Nature FR is what it is called, but is not it’s name. It’s name is Smokescreen, but the name it is called is Love scene and all of it’s live, almost live, half life, undead, screaming dad and then we take a break, maybe. Homeopathic and it’s just so touching.

It will also be a lot of dance and really nice music – great sound system – skin of course and quickly, branches from trees. We hope you like that.