Marcus Ullmarker Music

Bageriet DJs
Kavi (कवि)[bageriet]
Veteran Dough Wizard of Bageriet who always carries his lucky feather earring.

C^M [bageriet]
Mysterious collector of rare vinyls and a dedicated deep house guru.

Larsson Bros[bageriet]
CeeJay and YoYomaah, two brothers from Stockholm who have been playing everything from Reggae to Techno for more than 50 years together.

THE HOLE (Hits och rajraj)

Doorwhore: Tim Alejandro

"Backdoor - The best & gayest club north of Ibiza”

Entrepriser! (inkl. garderobe)
23.00-01.00 Fri entré
01.00-02.00 130 sek
02.00-05.00 160 sek

Aldergrense 18år