Highly recommended by tattoo connoisseurs, Stockholms exclusively Holistic and Bespoke Tattoo Studio, Stockholm Alternative is on Österlånggatan 12 in Gamlastan. You will not miss it if you walk by. The studio presents some of the worlds most renowned artists within the genres of Patternwork, Dotwork, Primitive, Blackwork and machine free Traditional Icelandic tattooing.

Body enhancement is the aim of the designs made here. Consultations for international clients are made online and for those living in Stockholm, a no obligation, free consultation at the studio will be booked prior to the tattoo date to ensure best result. Drop-ins are welcome on Saturdays and Sundays depending on availability. We recommend pre-booking via email.

A Theatrical atmosphere, Psychedelic "well-endowed" sculptures and dramatic lighting enhance the euphoric feeling of getting tattooed at Stockholm Alternative. The ultra clean, large and spacious medieval rooms of the studio, built in the 13th and 17th century are ideal for advanced tattooing or simply a meditative experience... because the journey of the tattoo is as important as its destination.

To find out more visit the website or the studio during opening hours.

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See you Soon.