Highly recommended by the Swedish Tattoo connoisseurs, Stockholms Exclusively Holistic and Bespoke Tattoo Studio, Stockholm Alternative is a worldwide recognized studio in Gamlastan.

Body enhancement through tattooing is the key feature of the studio and the Clientele are both international and home-based.

A Theatrical atmosphere, Psychedelic queer "well-endowed" sculptures and dramatic lighting enhance the euphoric feeling of getting tattooed at Stockholm Alternative. The ultra clean, large and spacious medieval rooms of the studio, built in the 13th and 17th century are ideal for privacy, advanced tattooing or simply a meditative experience. This studio specializes in Genital, Facial, Head, Eyes and Hand tattooing) We are reminded that the journey of the tattoo is as important as its destination.

To find out more, simply visit the website or the studio during opening hours.

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