The time for the resurrection of Funny Bunny is finally here..!
On the very same day this project was born several years ago to celebrate easter in the best way there is, with techno, friends and family. Just as the first time we met, we encourage all our guest to dress for success, or maybe undress...? Feel free to make your own version of the following theme for the masquerade; Black Bunny, White Bunny - Sinner and Saints!

Techno Floor:
Setaoc Mass (SK_Eleven, Figure)
Nima Khak (Sand, Parabel, Funny Bunny)
Lego (Parabel, Funny Bunny, .WAV)
Damien Eie (Street Life Rhythm, Funny Bunny)

House Floor:
Axel Boman (Studio Barnhus, Pampa Records)
Ty'sTyle (Funny Bunny)
Miia Magia

Time: 23.00-05.00

See you soon bunnys!