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Sono Unica is a musical platform who delivers Events, Podcasts, Livestreams and now Music thru our new label Sono Unica Records. It’s time to cut the ribbon and celebrate our 1st release (SONO001): Gemini, from Romanian artist Costin Rp.

▽ Costin Rp (Cuplet / Ro)
Showing up from the deeply creative household of Bucharest, he mastered the electronic scene from the early teenage years, swapping from techno to house like it was nothing. Costin’s diversity is an important aspect of his sound, which sometimes reaches a perfect fusion between these two electronic universes.

Costin’s previous work has been released by top labels like Pleasure Zone and Pressure Traxx, which can also be spotted in the bags of resonating artists like Ricardo Villalobos and Priku. As the Romanian electronic infrastructure is getting stronger and stronger, Costin is definitely one important piece of this machinery.

▽ Tensiune (Sono Unica)
An immersed and sonorous liaison with depths of harmonies started at an early age for the more shadowy half of the Sono Unica duo Albol: Tensiune. He has developed a very rare sound behind the melodic blender during the years. Galvanized by the Romanian scene we can expect nothing less than sleek melodic grooves with Tensiune behind the decks at the start of this night.

▽ Art Exhibition by Xen Pop / Art By Xen
Xenia Popaja uses a variety of techniques and styles in her artworks and always strive to find new ways to express her thoughts, reflections and emotions. She is inspired by everything from scents to melodies, from sadness to happiness.

▽ THE HOLE (Guilty plesures)
Pretty Boy

▷ Club Backdoor - Arenavägen 75, Stockholm
▷ 23:00-05:00

▷ 23:00-00:00, free entry
▷ 00.00-02.00, 160 SEK (including entry closet)
▷ 02.00-05.00, 180 SEK (including entry closet)
▷ Age 18+ years