MARICAS is an LGBTQ techno, pervy & loving party born in BCN less than a year ago.

For the first time we are bringing the love to Stockholm for our first edition at Under Bron. Cant wait to see all our faggy maricones at the dancefloor.


ISAbella b2b Bella Sarris
(Karim, Josef, Aryan)

With the special help of FAGGOTRY:
FAGGOTRY! is a Stockholm based queer space that explores the framework of music, art, and fashion, with the goal to bring inclusiveness and allow for self-expression. For this edition of MARICAS, we are happy to join forces with our sisters and the queer community to unite and celebrate music and each other.

MARICAS Manifesto:
- MARICAS is a safe space for anyone that has ever been discriminated, harassed or violated just for being him/her/themselves.
- MARICAS more than a party is a movement, that celebrates and embraces difference.
- MARICAS is a home for the outcast, marginalized and freaks of this world.
- MARICAS is a family that anyone is welcome to join.

♥ We reserve the right to remove people from our party who don't respect our SAFE QUEER space.

Artwork: Ugly Studio