Katastrofë presents two of the most important queer club movements at this very moment, club Bassiani in the Georgian capital and the Northamerican techno collective Discwoman. Local Dgeral sets the caliente mood.

ª Ciel (Discwoman, Toronto)
ª Berika (Bassiani, Tbilisi)
ª Dgeral (BOiBOiCLuB/female:pressure/CCS-STCK)
+ Ice Bunny - Showgirl single realese party.

The Hole - Dansgolv 2 (Hits & Rajraj)

23-05, Gratis första timman, 160kr till 02, 180 kr efter.
Backdoor: Arenavägen 75, T-Bana Globen,

The best & gayest club north of Ibiza, Majorca, and Benidorm too.

Art: Majkel