On Palm Sunday Cinema Queers film club resurrects and invites you all to a screening of Derek Jarmans cult classic Sebastiane.

In the fourth century AD, Sebastian is a member of the Emperor Diocletian's personal guard. When he tries to intervene to stop one of the Emperor's catamites from being strangled by one of his bodyguards, Sebastian is exiled to a remote coastal garrison and reduced in rank to privat. Both incense Severus, the commanding officer of the garrison, who becomes increasingly obsessed with Sebastian, tries to assault him, and ultimately presides over his summary execution for refusing to take up arms in defence of the Roman Empire. Justin, one of his comrades in arms, is also in love with Sebastian, albeit necessarily unrequited, but he forms a friendship with the stubborn celibate pacifist.

15.00 Doors open at Bångska våningen
16.00 Filmstart
17.30 Film ends,, bar & mingel
20.00 Night ends

Bångska våningen, Stureplan 6.
Tickets are 50 sek and sold here: https://kulturbiljetter.se/evenemang/3863/cinema-queers-filmklubb-%C3%A5teruppst%C3%A5ndelsen/