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Skåne is the most southerly of Sweden’s counties with 1.2 million inhabitants, about 280,000 of whom live in Mälmö, Sweden’s third largest city. To the east, south and west of Skåne is a coastal...

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SLM Malmö - Nyårsfest

New Years Party at SLM - Men only

SLM Malmö - Mine Light

No lights on, it´s all dark, you can see shadows or have to feel yourself forwar


Entrance open between 22 until Midnight.No special dress code this evening

CheckPoint Skåne

HIV testing and counseling

SLM Malmö - X-mas party

ChrismasParty - Saturday 12/12Christimas smorgasbord - 19-22SEK 150.Book before

RFSL Rådgivningen Skåne

LGBT councellingInformation about HIV and STI.

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